Saturday, January 26, 2008

What to do if you're not losing weight, or hitting plateaus

What to do if you're not losing weight, or hitting plateaus

Suzanne Posted

Most of you Somersizers out there are having wonderful success eating the Somersize way and losing weight. I love getting your testimonial letters sharing your stories. Unfortunately, I have also received a few letters from people who say they are following all of the Level One guidelines but still are not losing weight. Others have lost quite a bit of weight, then hit plateaus and don't know why. This question came up in the live chat, but it's difficult for me to give lengthy answers with so many people waiting to ask questions. Here is a more comprehensive explanation.

There are a multitude of reasons why you may be having trouble getting started or getting jump-started.

#1. Cut back on your Fruit and Carbos meals. With Somersizing there is no portion control; but if you are eating too much fruit and too many carbohydrates, even whole grain carbohydrates, you may be giving your body more energy than it needs to get through the day. If your body is getting too much energy from fruit and carbos, it will not burn off your fat reserves.

For 98% of Somersizers, we do not have to tell you how much Fruit and Carbos you may eat; but if you are having trouble losing weight, or if you have hit a plateau, the first thing I would recommend is to cut back on these two food groups.

One woman told me she was faithfully following all of the Level One guidelines and still was not losing. She sent me a list of everything she ate for a few days. Every day she would have a Fruit, then Carbos breakfast, then Pro/Fats & Veggies for lunch and dinner. Sounds good. After reviewing her meals, however, I saw that she was eating fruit, then waiting 20 minutes and following up with a bowl of shredded wheat with non-fat milk and 3 pieces of whole wheat toast. Does it follow the Level One guidelines? Yes, but for her, it was more carbohydrates than she needed to get through the day, so her body never turned to her fat reserves to burn as fuel. My recommendation to her was that she have the fruit, then either the cereal or two pieces of toast. In addition, I told her to eat Pro/Fats and Veggies for breakfast 3-4 times a week, instead of the Fruit, then Carbos breakfast.

Each of us has a unique metabolism. What works miraculously for one person may not work for another. As I've said, it took me two months before I started losing weight. Others see results in one week! Remember, the general rule of thumb is that the more Pro/Fats and Veggies you eat, the more weight you will lose. In fact, you could eat Pro/Fats and Veggies at every meal and snack and stay perfectly healthy and slim. As long as you are eating plenty of fresh vegetables, your body will get the necessary carbohydrates, nutrients and fiber it needs in the form of low-starch vegetables. Limiting your fruit and carbos will help you to release the stored sugar in your cells and turn your body into a fat burning machine rather than a carbohydrate burning machine.

Once you are in full swing and losing weight steadily, then you may start incorporating a bit of fruit and whole grains. Use your body as a guide, and you will be able to determine just how much your body can handle.

If you've hit a plateau, your body has found the perfect amount of carbohydrates it needs to get through the day. You have stabilized. The ratio of fruit and carbos that helped you lose weight in the past, is no longer working for you. I saw on the Discussion Boards that some of you were recommending limiting your cheese intake. NO! Cheese causes no insulin response. Fats are an important part of the program. Eat your fats, proteins and veggies. Just limit your fruit and carbos. These foods do cause an insulin response. Take a few weeks and try this more extreme version of Somersizing. It should help; but if it does not, check the other points below.

2. No cheating! Especially for those who are more resistant to losing weight, you must not cheat at all. That means not even one bite of sugar. You must be diligent when you are converting your body to burn its own fat as fuel. My sister complained to me that she was eating perfectly... perfectly and still not losing weight. Then the truth came out and she told me that she'd have just a bite of cake, but not eat the whole piece. You cannot Somersize a little. A little cheat means a little insulin. That insulin can send your entire meal to the fat reserves. As long as there is no insulin present, you may eat full fat, high calorie meals; but a little insulin can spoil all your fun and set you back to your starting point.

#3 Exercise a little! If you are having problems getting started, or if you have hit a plateau, please try to incorporate a moderate form of exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise is another way that we release the stored sugar in our cells. You don't need to become fanatical, just find a way to get yourself active for about 30 minutes, three times a week.

#4 Give up aspartame! Chemically laden soft-drinks and food products, especially those made with aspartame, can inhibit weight loss. Dr. Schwarzbein has read reports that aspartame can cause an insulin response. Do you body a favor and eliminate this harmful chemical from your life. It may be damaging you on a cellular level and it may be keeping you from losing weight.

#5 Have your hormones checked! You very well could be experiencing a loss of hormones related to menopause or pre-menopause. Somersizing helps balance your hormones; but in some phases of life, adjusting your eating habits is not enough. You may need to consider hormone replacement therapy. I highly recommend you see an endocrinologist and ask to have a blood test to check your hormone levels. If you need hormone replacement therapy, you must insist that your doctor prescribe natural hormones and not the synthetic kind created by the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. Synthetic hormones only take away the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and lack of libido. Why would we need a synthetic version of hormones when natural estrogen, that has been evolved in a woman's body over millions of years, is readily available?! Natural hormones actually replace the lost hormones and restore your system to hormonal balance. With balance comes weight loss, increased health and longevity.

#6 Have your thyroid tested! Some people have problems losing weight because they have problems with their thyroid. Check with your doctor to make sure your thyroid is functioning well.

#7 Are you taking medication? Medication can interfere with your hormones and, therefore, may inhibit your weight loss. Ask your doctor if there are any natural alternatives to the medication you are taking.

#8 Be patient! Give your body the chance to heal. We all have varying levels of metabolic resistant. Your metabolism may need more healing than the average person's metabolism.